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PublicTvAds is a platform to advertise on TVs placed in public places like Restaurants, Bars, Hospitals, Saloons, etc. A device attached to the TV displays advertisement based on an intelligent algorithm. If you already have an advertisement video, just upload it and select the locations where you want to play it. It can be locations in your neighborhood or locations across the world.


Our Services

  • A real estate agent can advertise properties for sale/purchase.
  • A local tuition teacher can advertise his/her service locally in the neighborhood.
  • An online tuition teacher in India can advertise his/her service on a TV placed in the premises of a school or other educational institutions in Canada/USA.
  • A consumer electronics product company in China can place advertisements in cafes near the CES premises in Las Vegas.​

Cost to customer?

If you want to place a TV or Cable advertisement, it may cost you a whole lot of money. Our pricing is based on the number of impressions you want to display. Though it will vary based on selected location & time, we can realistically say on an average it may cost less than USD 25 (INR 1500) for 3000 to 4000 impressions.

Become a TV Host

You can also become a TV Host if you have a business place where customers visit frequently and stay for some time. You can either contact your local franchisee or you can buy a device directly from us. Based on advertisement availability, you will be remunerated for hosting the TV. The payout normally ranges between USD 20 to USD 100 (INR 1000 to INR 4000).

Become a Franchisee

PublicTvAds offers the opportunity to become a franchisee for your town. It is the franchisee’s responsibility to enroll maximum TV hosts in your town and bring in advertisement. The franchisee will run the show locally on behalf of PublicTvAds.

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